Neuromonitoring in thyroid and parathyroid surgery

Endocrine Surgery

The nerve that stimulates the vocal cords is under risk during the surgical treatment of thyroid and parathyroid diseases. If this nerve is negatively affected, the quality of voice declines and voice disturbances affecting quality of life may occur.  The risk of injury to this nerve during surgery increases in some conditions; these are recurrence/persistence of thyroid or parathyroid disease (requiring reinterventional surgery), existence of thyroid cancer, large goiters and thyroiditis.

Neuromonitorization is a system that stimulates the vocal cords and gives phonic signals.  Because of these abilities, the system may also be called as a “neurodetector”.  The neuromonitoring system may contribute both to navigate the nerve and to confirm the protection of vocal cord function at the end of the operation. Although the reducing effect of this system on permanent vocal cord palsy rates could not be proven yet, its utility on reversible nerve injuries has been scientifically accepted.