Robotic surgery facilitates your operation!

Endocrine Surgery

When we talk about ‘robotic surgery’, we mention a high technological procedure that uses robotic systems to aid during the surgery. In other words, the robot does not operate you here; the surgeon operates you by using robotic technology. The system, which is composed of high technological equipments, enables the surgeon to operate his/her patient under the high qualified 3-dimension images. Currently, laparoscopic operations are performed along under 2-dimension images. Besides, by using the superior agile camera of the robotic surgery system and the magnificent ability of surgical equipments in being lithe and elastic, it is possible to make comfortable operations in the deepest parts of the body.

Besides providing some advantages of laparoscopic surgery, such as fast recovery, less pain, earlier discharge, better cosmetic result (less scar) and higher quality of life; robotic surgery provides less blood loss as well. Robotic surgery facilitates your surgery by eliminating hand tremor and by providing the possibility of surgery under high resolution, 3-dimension and magnified images along with the abovementioned properties.

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